Our priorities are the protection of the environment and human rights, through focusing on traceability and transparency.

Right to Wear is how we do business. We love making fashion and we love helping our customers feel good and look great. But we are also aware of the big impact our activity has on the world. We want that impact to be as positive as possible – so we are committed now and in the future to doing business sustainably and responsibly.

Our aim is to create beautiful, ethical, quality products that are not only right for our customers, but right for the people who work for us, right for communities and right for the environment. Our aim is to create fashion that is Right to Wear.

That means thinking and acting sustainably and transparently, with the traceability of every aspect of our activity:

  • how our products are designed, how they are made and how they are distributed
  • where materials come from and how they are sourced; the traceability of our supply chain and how well we know our suppliers 
  • the health and safety conditions of our employees and suppliers' employees
  • how we use energy and water in our stores, facilities and processes 
  • what happens to our products when our customers have finished with them 
  • how we respond to the needs and expectations of customers, employees, shareholders and society at large, mainly through our tax contribution and our investment in social programmes.
  • And much more. These approach and behaviour are key to create value beyond profit.